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Here you can access everything you wish to know about the definitive stamps of the United Kingdom with the head of Queen Elizabeth based on a sculpture by Arnold Machin OBE RA
The Complete Deegam® Machin Handbook
  • Published on CD
  • Almost 500 Mb of data and images
  • In colour and printable
  • Constantly updated
  • Suitable for Windows PC and Mac
  • Online Payment (scroll down to the bottom of this page)

Since it was first published in 1993 the Deegam® Machin Handbook has become known as ‘The Machin Encyclopaedia’. It explains in depth every aspect of design, development and production of Machin and country pictorial definitives. It includes unique methods designed to enable unknown Machins to be identified. Fourteen chapters and fourteen appendixes culminate in a catalogue of Machin stamps. This is divided into three levels to suit beginners, intermediate collectors and specialists. Each level forms part of the unique numbering system which never changes no matter what new values or variations are issued. Every value has its own section, making it very easy to find the stamp you are looking for.

A free professional writing up service is provided on the disc by more than 15,000 Deegam® Profiles. All the files are illustrated in colour and are printable. They are in Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document file) format and can be viewed with Adobe Reader. The CD is absolutely loaded with navigable features, making it very easy to browse. Full details of how to get the best out of the CD are explained and illustrated in the Tutorial file on the disc. The CD is updated every 2-3 months with Deegam® Reports which are free to registered owners for a period of five years from initial purchase or renewal. Every CD is burned to order so yours is always up-to-date when you buy it.

Since the Handbook was first published in this format, testimonials have been received from respected philatelic publications. These include the British Philatelic Bulletin (ease of identification and the navigation system are its strengths); GBCC Chronicle (reader-friendly: the lead in electronic publishing); Stamp Magazine (the digital version just raises the bar); Linns Stamp News (For Machins, this is the place to start and the place to end).

The fifth edition builds on these strengths and extends them further.

The DGR Archive
2018 marked the 25th anniversary of The Complete Deegam® Machin Handbook and of the Deegam® Reports. To celebrate that Silver Jubilee, we compiled an archive CD containing all Reports from DGR1 to DGR125. We offered it as a free gift to all those who become new subscribers and to existing subscribers who updated their Handbook during the Jubilee year of 2018.
The issue of the CD proved so popular that we decided to continue to update it each year and to offer it to subscribers, new or old, for a modest cost of £10, post and packing paid to anywhere. The 2021 edition contains all Reports from No. 1 to No. 140 as they were issued.

The following CDs are available: 
  • Deegam Handbook for new clients for £45.00 [code N]
  • Deegam Handbook renewal for £25 [code R]
  • Deegam Report Archive for £10.00 [code A]
  • or a combination of the above for £55.00 (new clients) [code NA] or £35 (renewal) [code RA]
  • all prices include delivery.
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The CDs are obtainable from: Gerry Fisk, 4 Gorse Meadow Drive, Barnt Green, Birmingham B45 8XS, UK. Direct online payment is preferred (see below), which allows for remittance from a PayPal account or through major credit cards.

Alternatively, payment may be made by PayPal to the email address: or by sterling cheque made payable to G. T. Fisk and sent to the above address.

To take advantage of a discounted renewal rate, you need to send your old CD to Gerry.

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